BARTENDER : Carmelo Buda, owner and bartender of Cocktail Society  of Catania


40 ml VII Hills Italian Dry Gin
35 ml of clarified friendly tangerine
25 ml solution of citric Verdello
1 barspoon of Chartreau

Glass : Old Fashioned
Garnish : dried tangerine peels

Pour the ingredients in a shaker, then shake for 20 seconds and strain into an old fashioned glass previously decorated with a mascara of peels to dried tangerine, add a cube of ice and serve.

Drink inspired by the movie of the Maestro Fellini, considered one of the masterpieces of Italian cinema, which won the Palme d’Or at the 13th Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Award for costume design. Dedicated to a Rome of the sixties to be experienced, where harmony reigns and the pleasure of enjoying the warm spring afternoons, sitting in cafes with people you love. The barman is inspired by the movie, captivated by her beauty and passion into a film in Black and White, something that has made us unique in the world for its simplicity, beyond fashion, beyond time. The Drink is inspired specifically Sylvia (Anita Ekberg) with a twist of one of the most popular elegant cocktails,  White Lady , served  on the rocks. Here freshness of citrus reflect lamented Swedish actress, the magical flavor and intriguing. The VII Hills Italian Dry Gin with its touch of juniper is fully Marcello, the character played by Marcello Mastroianni, charismatic and charming, who manages to seduce and conquer the young Sylvia. The use of Chartreau with its herbs born imagining a walk on the banks of the Tiber in Vespa, immersed in a timeless Rome. Ah, here it is,  Marcello, Come Here!